What is Big Fat Rave?

Big Fat Rave was created as a passion project from a few friends that wanted to re-create the ethos of the early 90’s free party scene. Free parties, or some may refer to them as “Illegal Raves” were the subculture movement of partygoers setting up sound systems in abandoned warehouses, barns and fields to party in protest against the ever more restrictive clubbing scene.

To help foster this ethos we start by choosing the best venue that represents our values such as inclusivity, love and respect. We aim to work with independent venues where possible who’s staff is respectful and caring.

With the correct venue the stage is set to then work on adding value to the night. A big part of this is the sound system, most venues do not need another sound system as there system is adequate for the room. We are not looking for “adequate” we want exceptional sound quality and bass pressure, to achieve this we aim to bring some of the worlds best sound systems into the venues we play at.

With the sound set we now need the talent. The artists we work with be it local, national or even international are all chosen for one reason, their craft is incredible. The artist’s work and our ravers opinions are the only variables that should influence our decision on whether we should include them in our lineup.

And finally the most important aspect…. You! We have been so lucky that our big fat family has been so inclusive, friendly and respectful. The vibes are always through the roof and we love every one of you for it. The family’s always expanding so if you are new around here, know you’re in good hands and be sure to adopt the same values of love unity and respect x

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